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Going to "Creditors" April 27th! [Jan. 19th, 2010|04:46 pm]
I have just purchased tickets to AR's "Artist Talk" and the play, "Creditors" for April 27th! Anyone else going?
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Halloween in "Snape's Dungeon"! [Nov. 2nd, 2008|01:54 pm]
As promised a very long time ago, I "Made-A-Snape" for Halloween. Here he is on my porch last Friday night. I can't tell you how many trick-or-treaters would not come close enough to get candy! I had audio clips ("Thanks, Claudia") on a DVD player which I could hold in my lap and trigger. The hidden speakers were right next to Snape. To add to the atmosphere, I had some lovely Harry Potter music playing. Most kids (and their Moms)loved it!
My favorite audio clip was Snape's little quiz form HP1, " Tell me, what would I get etc., etc.,etc. Some kids thought it was someone dressed up and standing still. I told them that I had "Petrified" him and he couldn't move! That was good enough for most of them and they would get close and look at Snape's potion lab. I had so much fun! I will now attempt to post some photos!
Special thanks to my boss's son, Harrison, for the loan of the speakers! He gets a batch of "Lovely Cakes" on Monday!

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Look What I Found! [Feb. 17th, 2008|07:13 am]

Thank-you to Susan over at the ARDHGB for finding this for me! Here's Snape, our "Renaissance Man"!

What do you think!
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Hot Guys From The Past! [Feb. 16th, 2008|10:42 am]

For Catsplay, who couldn't find any cute,(but unfortunately dead), guys in the online art galleries. Here are a few of my favorites. I love the twinkle in the eye of Monsieur De La Tour's Self portrait. Isn't he cute? The other two by Titian just look intense and sexy to me!
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Hans Gruber Look-Alike? [Feb. 16th, 2008|09:46 am]

I have a reproduction of this portrait in my house. Does anyone else think it resembles Alan Rickman at around age 40? ( Die Hard era.)I'm looking for some more pictures for Catsplay to "morph" into Snape or AR portraits. Wish me luck!
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Empty Nest [Feb. 3rd, 2008|02:30 pm]

Well, I've started packing up Nick's old bedroom. It may take a while. It's an odd mixture of stuff. Film making, including the occasional prop he used in high school, sports stuff, trophies, team photos, lots of paperwork such as reports for science or history. I even found a few odd sheets of music from his orchestra days. It looks like our cat chewed up some of them! I'm sorting it all out and packing it away carefully. A few things for the thrift store but not much so far. I'm trying not to throw away anything he may want. The biggest surprise so far has been a complete set of prom photos. I've lot a long way to go. Has anyone else gone through this chore? It's not much fun and makes you feel really old!!! For fun I posted two photos of Nick from the shoot of his thesis film for NYU. He's the shaggy one on the left and the sunburned guy! It was freezing but sunny that weekend! This is a little payback for his posting a truly awful photo of me and his dad on his Facebook!
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Los Angeles Magazine [Jan. 23rd, 2008|05:47 pm]
There was a large manila envelope in my mailbox when I got home tonight, but unfortunately someone at "Los Angeles Magazine" sent me the Nov.'07 issue instead of Jan.'08. I called them and they are sending the correct issue right out. How disappointing! Anyone with questions check over at "Rickmanalysis" for all the info.
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I Baked a "Sweeney" meat pie!! [Jan. 20th, 2008|06:42 pm]

In an unexplained fit of domesticity I made chicken pot pies a'La "Sweeney Todd". To my surprise they turned out really well! My husband suggested I should serve them to friends once I have a copy of "Sweeney" on DVD. I'm not sure that would work out. Maybe at the very beginning of the movie! Hope the picture comes through. I can post the recipe if anyone wants to try it. I must tell you they were a lot of work!
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My new mug [Dec. 27th, 2007|02:46 pm]

I wanted to post a picture of the mug I made for myself at "". You can make personalized one-of-a-kind items there. You can NOT, however, use copyrighted images on mugs etc.( Guess how I learned that, hmmm?) So anyway,here's my "Will Work For Lovely Cakes" mug for your amusement! I hope the picture comes out. It is my first try with a new camera, thanks to my generous daughter and son-in-law!
Merry Christmas!
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Alan Dream Last Night [Feb. 6th, 2007|07:22 am]
It was bound to happen sooner or later! Last night I had a dream with Alan Rickman in it. I don't remember the whole dream but do remember that for some reason I was helping him take off some stage or movie makeup. He looked like Hans Gruber and had the dark beard. I was using Q-tips and 2" X 2" gauze sponges like I have at the dentist's office where I work as an assistant. I routinely blot patient's faces at work after dental procedures so this seemed very familiar. In the dream however, once I had the makeup off, which I remember to be eyeliner and that pancake face makeup, I put down the gauze and rubbed his face with both hands, like a massage. Alan was quiet during all of this. He didn't seem to mind me being in his "personal space" while I cleaned off the makeup. Once all that was done, for some reason we next were with a lot of other people getting lunch at a buffet table. Alan was teasing me because I was only getting salad and vegetables and leaving the fattening foods. ( Totally unlike me, the baker of the Lovely Cakes!) Unfortunately the rest of the dream is indistinct, involving my wanting to order something from a yellow brochure? Who knows? I wish I had woken up and written it all down right away! Suffice to say, I'm amazed this morning! What a way to start your day!
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